Botwars vs ad-tech: the origin of universal surveillance to the Internet

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I knew the Internet was growing in its simulation of awareness, but to adjust it’s behaviour when being watched?

Wow. That’s Ray Kurzweil material.


Perhaps if these people made a living doing something worthwhile, rather than advertising, this wouldn’t be such a big problem.


What, in your opinion, would that be?

I use advertising to sell my services and find that we’ll written copy gets me clients.

I am only lightly, gently teasing. But what a place for an autocorrect typo :smile:


A bit ironic.

Maybe another sign of the awakening of the Internet intelligence…?

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Strongly recommend reading TFA. Especially the second half “from Vienna to Warsaw.” about the tech industry and SF.

People do what pays the rent.

And even the world of advertising can provide a smorgasbord of interesting brain-teasers for a technician.

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