Fake traffic is "rotting" the Internet

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The Internet is a strange place. I use it to sell my real products. I depend entirely on people being interested in my products and telling others about them, resulting in high Google rankings, all based on real traffic. It seems to work very well. (It helps that I have a famous, unpaid salesman.)

On the other hand, if you want to make money by wasting peoples’ time, then fake traffic is useful.


Apparently the ones getting fleeced here, though, are the ones buying ads. The publishers don’t care, they are getting paid and don’t worry about petty details. But if you’re advertising for your site, then you are right in avoiding most of these ad networks.

This is why Google AdWords was able to become such a powerhouse, since they are big enough they don’t need to fake traffic. And all others ad purchasers need to reconsider why they are paying per impression or per click instead of per conversion.

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Fake traffic is rotting "the Internet"

I discovered something interesting. Go to the article, http://www.bloomberg.com/features/2015-click-fraud/

Scroll down a bit, then back up to the top again. Do it a few times


I tried using PageUp and PageDown real fast to see if there’s an upper limit. Apparently there is. Bummer, I was hoping to crash something.

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Heh, I tried that too!

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