Bowie's YouTube channel has been uploading 4K versions of his music videos

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Is there actually an increase in quality? Because most of these (even the ones that are actually in 4K, Jump They Say isn’t) just look like higher resolution with the same video quality.


Agreed, this one ( David Bowie - Jump They Say (Official Music Video) [HD Upgrade] - YouTube ) for example says “HD Upgrade” implying it was just scaled up (instead of re-scanned from film in 4k)

That’s a [Bowie] rabbit hole I wanna go down, and likely will.


It amazes me that more artists (or rather, their labels) don’t take better care of their video legacy.

…but not much to choose between


for my money.

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I don’t see a lot of film scans on there but a bunch of uprezed over sharpened stuff.

Now ABBA has been posting glorious film scans:

All that glorious gate weave and grain!


There are a lot of hidden incentives in commercial film production (ads and music videos) to never ever want to look at it again the moment you are done. Hellish schedules, the most awful clients (ad agencies and rock musicians), crushing artistic limitations at every point, censorship, knowing it will be re-edited forty ways for various purposes, and all the technical compromises that come with material shot for broadcast TV in the 80s.


Money, is of course the point in the new releases. Bowie had converted his royalty stream into bonds some years before he died and the continuing profits make the renewed interest in his content pay off the coupons.

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From a Cnet article on why you shouldn’t turn your TV’s sharpness control above zero

This really didn’t strike me as being “restored from the original film negatives.”


Pro tip: Bowie’s music is just as good if you shut your eyes.

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the chris evens item is about the best of everything… I think… just the guy doing his thing…

Whether it’s a 4K upgrade or not, this is I think the first time Hearts Filthy Lesson has been posted to YouTube without being messed with to avoid copyright bots, so I’m totally Ok with this

Aw yeah

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I’m not seeing the 4k option on any of these.

IIRC, the first “4k restoration of a vintage music video” was Wham’s “Last Christmas” .

Why no embeds or even a link to the channel? Not that I can’t find it myself, just a convenience thing but seems surprising to me.

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