“Bowling would be better if it was hockey!”

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Ah yes, dating from that time when Fox briefly acquired NHL broadcast rights. They introduced the “comet” effect that made games unwatchable because they felt people couldn’t follow the puck. The people making these decisions had clearly never watched a hockey game in their lives. Oh my how they were mocked long, hard, and loudly for that debacle.



Good heavens. Was that just on replays or was that during live play?


Oh it was live. :confounded: Also it was 90s technology so the frame rate was poor and it didn’t track the puck super well. The effect was jittery and lagged behind the puck by varying amounts of frames. To be fair, the tech was pretty cool for the time, but there’s a big gap between “pretty cool” and “ready for prime time”. It made it actively harder to see what the puck was doing, ironically.


Don’t get hit with the “puck”.

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as a bowler, i have to disagree.

I did propose once that curling be changed to have a single house in the middle of the ice, with teams at opposing ends allowed to throw rocks any any point in the fixed period of time. So the ref blows a whistle and you have 10 minutes to play, or until rocks were expended on both sides.

Rocks past the (now dual) hog lines would be removed, but a fast hit into the opposing end would be fair play. :thinking:

My suggestion was not well received. Given the demographic and alcohol habits on display at an average curling rink, that should have been no surprise to me…


I would thoroughly enjoy that bonspiel. :curling_stone:


There was a series of these I believe. I know there is a golf one as well that is pretty good

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