Olympics camera operator focused on cockroach instead of women's hockey game

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Honestly, with my level of enthusiasm towards sporting events, that cockroach would be more entertaining viewing :slight_smile:

(i’m one of the rare few entirely baffled when most of the country loses their mind over a sports game)


you may like this…from last night’s game:


Perhaps a mild nod to the 25th anniversary of the cinematic classic, Joe’s Apartment?


Am I to old and frustrated that I suspect this wouldn’t have happened a manly tournament with male teams? Or is it just fun’games?


I know next to nothing about field hockey, but if it was during a stoppage (they just cut away from replay footage) then maybe a bit more foregiveable?


I’m just pleasantly surprised that in a womens’ sporting event, a camera operator accidentally fixated on something so ‘innocent’.

But doesn’t the fault actually lie with the Technical Director in the broadcast truck who went with that camera, and held it so long? Did none of the other cameras have a more favorable angle for that period of time?


Also the Tom Disch story “The roaches”.


Pretty sure that guy is a member of the IOC. When a VIP shows up, of course he’s going to get some screen time.


Presumably the director who would have directed the TD (vision mixer to the Brits) to take that camera.

I really wish they had done it during the Denmark-Finland game a couple of months ago. Or just a wide shot of the crowd.

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There’s been like a half dozen cases like that over the last few years. Are stray cats just naturally attracted to ballparks (maybe the discarded food attracts rodents and thus cats) or are sick bastards purposely releasing them there to make a scene?

The ol’ job stopper angle.

Now thats something i can get behind, thats engaging sports coverage right there :slight_smile:

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back for more Failquail…there is more of this but this was my highlight from this situation:

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