Important man's wife wins Olympic medal

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“Crappy newsrag fumbles yet another headline”…wow. fuck those guys.


Surprised they didn’t illustrate the story with a picture of Bill Clinton.


I know, already posted on the other side, but this fix by Laury Keeney needs to be repeated



… and website covering headline in anger continues to ignore her accomplishment, chooses to poke fun at “Obviously less enlightened” newspaper instead.

What did she win the metal in?

She is not just her husband’s wife… nor is she just some random who is the subject of a bad headline. If you are going to write an article criticizing the Chicago Tribune for not telling her story… perhaps you should tell it.


Being from Pittsburgh, you should know that it’s not a sexist thing. No news is important until you link it to the local NFL team. Here are two of my favorites from last year:


Assuming a Bears lineman is an important man.


Chicago connection or no, you would think the sports desk would know her name at posting because SOMEBODY who works there would actually be watching the games. Isn’t that a minimum requirement of sports reporting?


Hey how about letting the world know what sport she won the medal in? Why, it was trap shooting. Yes, those horrible guns - ban the guns, oh wait, the first gold medal of the Rio Olympics went to another woman?..19 year old Ginny Thrasher… for shooting 10m air rifle? Every Olympics the first medal awarded is for women’s air rifle, how many of you knew that?

But isn’t that an assault rifle she uses? It has a pistol grip look out!! Hahahahaha not too many south-side gang bangers are dropping $2500 for air rifles.

It’s more than a poorly written, misogynistic headline, it’s also an example of the efforts of the media to keep shooting sports off the front pages. Safe, successful world-class use of firearms doesn’t make for good fear-mongering. How many of you have heard of one of the US’s most decorated athletes, Kim Rhodes? If Rhodes medals in Rio she will become the only person in U.S. Olympic history to medal in 6 consecutive games, in any sport.

Shooting - for the vast majority of private gun owners, it has nothing to do with terror.


It comes down to the writers’ estimations of their audience.

Tribune: “Readers like our local sports team.”

bOing bOing: “Readers like forum wars about discrete examples of flagrant sexism.”

By the way, Ms. Cogdell is a trap shooter and this is her second Olympic medal in her event.


Maybe I’ve just been playing too much Crusader Kings II; but this seems like basic dynastic politics.

Mitch Unrein is of House Football(and NFL teams are at least Dutchy-level, since they have various vassal teams competing for their favor); while Corey Cogdell is of House Trap-Shoot, which is vastly less prestigious. Apparently she’s a fairly prominent member of the dynasty, which is probably why she was able to marry into House Football at all rather than being taken as a concubine or marrying the baron of frisbee golf or something.


What are you guys complaining about? He lets her have her own first name, doesn’t he? She’s not always Mrs. Lineman - just when the Tribune is around. I’ll bet she even has her own credit card!


We need sigils and mottos, stat.

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Is it difficult to grind the axe evenly with that chip on your shoulder?

The article under discussion was so eager to not glamorize guns that it included a picture(definitely nonglamorous)

and the following text after the important stuff about football:

"Cogdell-Unrein and Unrein, who met on a blind date the day before Super Bowl XLV in 2011, enjoy hunting together, but football generally prevents Unrein from joining his wife in her pursuit of elk and deer. They try to arrange waterfowl hunting trips during the bye week each season.

“I am pretty proficient,” Unrein said of his accuracy. “I can’t even put it into words (how his wife shoots). You go out there and watch the Olympic shooters, and you’re like, ‘Oh, I can do that.’ Then you step on the line with the shotgun in your hand, and you call for the target. It is so fast. Normal American trap goes 35 to 40 mph. When they shoot, the angles are more severe, and they go 60 to 80 mph.”"

The entire article is written from the perspective of someone interested primarily in the Chicago Bears, so the stuff about guns is below the fold; but that’s because all the stuff about the not-football-player is below the fold.


If I’m being honest, your comment makes you seem maybe a little too excitable to safely carry a firearm.


Sure, you laugh now, but you will be not be laughing when the skeets come for you!


Is that caliber even legal?


Yes it does.

The Tennessee Titans can only wish for something like that to happen to them.

If it’s not football, baseball or basketball, it’s not worth reporting about in Chi-Town!


The overwhelming majority of nuclear weapons have never been detonated – but I still think there are too many of them.