Important man's sister wins Olympic medal


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With respect to the obvious “but”…

The fix, for specialist publications whose only specialist interest is in the guy, is still very easy: just include her in the headline.

“[Her name], sister of [Important Man], achieves [Thing]”

(This is still crap in the context of a general audience media, of course)


Corey Cogdell-Unrein’s wife is not his sister.


Though you end up with a pretty heavily constrained headline at that point.

I don’t actually mind this one as much, isn’t going to care about any Summer Olympian unless they have a connection to hockey, they’re definitely not going to put the non-hockey player’s name as the lead.

If it were his brother who won the medal I have no doubt it would be “Brother of Stars defenceman”.



Dallas hockey team.


Do you mean the sport that preceded the one in the photo by at least a hundred years?


If they can have outdoor ice hockey games in California, I think that having a game in an air-conditioned stadium is probably easy enough.


That’s how I felt. This is much less offensive to me. I don’t expect to talk about anything except via the hockey connection. The Chicago Tribune is a little different…


All I can read is

Pha pha pha, I’m so clever! If people care about sports I don’t care about, they’ll feel sad and embarrassed that there are people who don’t care about that sport so much that knowing less about it is a point of pride!


Wow! The CBC reporting I’ve come across never mentioned who Penny Oleksiak’s brother is.

/ chalk one up for Canada.
/ actually: two! Way to go, Penny!


My wife’s senior swim team has a hit out on that journalist, for realz.


What a bullshit non-story. It’s on, hence it’s about the hockey player. But you guys get outraged, don’t let me stop you.


Oleksiak’s brother Jamie plays for the Dallas Stars, and was pumped after the race.

I may not have been there when you first read it, but that’s probably because CBC didn’t know, whereas the NHL would definitely know. If you’re writing for the NHL, you’ve got a list of every player who’s got any tie whatsoever to the games.


You seem a little put out that someone would dare to criticize Would you say you’re…outraged?


President Clinton’s husband Bill is also seen as important in Washingon, and has a career of his own.


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aw man, without an olympic medal winning sister how will I ever be able to gauge my own level of importance?


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