Watch: Camera operator accidentally plows into a cheerleader

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It’s a shame we don’t have footage from the operator’s camera.


Amazingly, the cheerleader was okay.

Considering that

  1. She wasn’t hit that hard, just that the cameraman didn’t stop
  2. She landed on what is essentially a springy rubber mat
  3. She is obviously capable of rolling and tumbling

Yes, it’s amazing she was OK.

Why? I’m not sure what that would show. A sudden switch from Steadicam to shakycam?

I take that back, Mr. DeMille. I’m not ready…


Oh, I was just imagining that it would show the collision from the operator’s POV.

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Ah, got it. It looked like he’s doing a Steadicam shot across the action. I’m guessing the camera is pointed to the right perpendicular to his line of travel. From the camera POV, it probably looks like a dolly shot of all the cheerleaders that suddenly goes wonky, and the woman he collided with isn’t in the frame at all.

Oooh! And there’s a flag on the play!

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