Watch Usain Bolt get run over by a photographer on a Segway (everyone's fine)

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cameraman hit a bolt causing him to hit a Bolt?

Did he stick around afterwards?


I can’t tell from the gif if the operator actually collided with part of the track or not. As far as I can see it was driver error.

Either way those things don’t belong in that close a proximity to the athletes when the driver is also trying to operate a camera.


“The crash was caused by a driver error.”

Sounds like Windows…


Here’s a better angle showing what happened:


Have never really driven one, but saw loads of them for tourists in Praha, and even a wipe out just like that and the person had a hard time getting back on.

“So does this mean the interview is off? Usain?”

Careful, cameraman – you could’ve cracked his coccyx!

I’m wondering if Usain is ok? He looked like he was fine. I’d be really mad if I were an athlete of his caliber and got messed up by something stupid like that.


Is the camera okay? These things tend to be nauseatingly expensive.

I noticed in the instant right after they hit the ground, the cameraman first looked over at his camera before checking on Usain. priorities.

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If you were used to handle, and be responsible for, such expensive piece of gear, you’d have the same priorities.

U sayin’ bolt toppled Usain Bolt?

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I’m quite certain that Usain Bolt is worth more than the (presumably insured) camera.

I’d link to think the priority would be the sportsman who could have his career tarnished over the clumsy camera mans replaceable equipment.

Presumably insured Usain Bolt, too.

The difference for the cameraman is that the camera is closer to him in terms of the responsibilities. I handled A/V equipment a couple times, and in case of mishaps the gear was the first I checked, on instinct. And it was all just consumer grade crap; prosumer, once.

Sorry I thought you were joking, you’re actually being serious?

I’m pretty sure that given the passion, work and dedication it takes to be the fastest man on the planet that an insurance payout in lieu of the rest of your career would be quite meaningless.

And I’m going to assume that when you had mishaps with your AV equipment it wasn’t a situation in which you could have prompted months of sports therapy and a potentially ruined career :slight_smile:

While the arguments are good, I don’t think there’s enough of time in the first second after a mishap to think about them. The first reaction is instinct/habit based and with a well-trained operator goes to the equipment.

Instincts are instincts, and I do not doubt that you would dive for the machine :smiley:

I do think that I would personally reel in horror at the potential damage I was about to cause to Usain Bolt before I checked on my equipment though. If for no other reason than even if it’s expensive equipment, it wouldn’t be as expensive as the lawsuit :stuck_out_tongue:

Now if there were a large basket on the front of the Segway with my dog in it… this would be a different conversation entirely!

Maybe in t0+2 seconds.

Some of us do instinctively care more about organisms than electronics, @shaddack, I promise! :laughing: :heart: