This is how they inspect pipes in Timisoara


Gah… I’m getting an anxiety attack just watching that video.

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Safety first? Safety not at all.

They did use two ropes at least…

What could possibly go wrong?

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It’s hard not to imagine the kind of nightmarish ordeal that guy would have if anything went wrong. And then it occurs to me to wonder how much the camera cost that was used to capture this image? How is it that a human is cheaper to risk than a camera? (I have new video cameras that I paid $12 for.)

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OMG - Mario? Man, Nintendo must have really screwed him over in his contracts.

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Vertical orientation FTW

The reason that they couldn’t just use a camera, obviously, was that it wouldn’t also clean out the pipe at the same time. Duh!

He may have actually been doing something at the bottom of that pipe - I didn’t see any tools in his hands when he came up, but it’s entirely possible that he was manipulating something down at the bottom there.

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