Watch the "Best News Bloopers 2018"

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The “poor man with a fish” guy’s face at 1:10 looks like a photo was cut in half and mirrored along the central line. Perfectly symmetrical.

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Why, in the storm reports from under an umbrella, do the cameras always want to point away from the wind? Well, I can think of reasons, but is it so hard to find an angle where the reporter can hold the umbrella against the wind and still get into shot? You’d think they’d all know by now that if the camera cannot face the wind/rain, then an umbrella is simply going to be a dead-cert embarrassment destined for the annual blooper reel.

Visitor from Africa? I know - let’s put him on teevee and make him read stuff!

"Yeah Guys"

Is the winner.




curtiss spain


Hard to believe that smirking, self-satisfied KOIN jerk who closes out the video. He’ so obnoxious he’ll probably end up becoming president.

If I were the camera operator, catching a reporter doing something embarrassing would always be high on the list of shots to get. The camera crew probably awards extra bonus points for doing it live on-air.


Yeah - I would not be surprised that camera crews deliberately put the reporter facing the wind rather than with the wind behind them. Reduces the raindrops on the lens and increases the chance of a blooper capture. :wink:

  1. is all local news comedy now?
  2. do these keep getting worse every year? (more staged (see 1), meaner towards poor people, more racist, less funny)

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