July's TV news bloopers reel


It can get really harrowing to be a reporter with all that wind and sand but some of those other people were just really jerks.

What was with the staff sergeant? He was right she was kind of a dumbass in that moment but he was a jackass first. The next blooper with the spider cracked me up the most.

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Please, please, please look at the source code for this article!! It’s the first time that I’ve been able to play ANY video from withing an article’s page in years!

I’m kind of sad they blurred out the breasts on the CityTV one. What happened to you CityTV? You used to be cool. (I suppose someone other than CityTV might have blurred them out).

Why aren’t there more news stories on the giant fucking spider?
What are they trying to hide?

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I just watched Enemy so yes, tell me more about the giant fucking spider. Seriously. Please.

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