Compilation of most awkward and uncomfortable moments on TV news


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I just could NOT get all the way through it, I stooped at the drippy boogers.


My favorite example from my local news station went something like this.
"And now for a newsbreak report…"
Cut to a newscaster putting on makeup.
Voice from off camera "You’re on."
Newscaster “No, I’m not.” continuing to apply makeup
Voice from off camera "YOU’RE ON."
Newscaster, looking off camera "I’d better not be."
screen goes blank.


Creepy conservative pundit is creepy.


“Jigaboo music”

holy shit


There should be a TV channel that just plays news bloopers.


Lesson learned:

Don’t eat Grape Nuts you find on your shoe. They might turn out to be cat vomit.


The last three were pretty :sob: sad: an Australian who lost a $20,000 gift card for answering the phone incorrectly, an evangelical singer/political candidate who offered to come back on Thursday and sing some more (I did like the way the TV host politely turned down his request), and a college student who had a problem reading the teleprompter for his sports segment.


I couldn’t get past the boogers either!


Dang now whenever I hear “three second rule” I’m going to be thinking of vomit.


In that case you better not watch any basketball.


The guy opposite her showed what a true pro looked like.

I, for example, would have immediately punched her.


I just hope they sent Lee that nice Christmas hamper
OMG I died.


Wait, I remember that one, I think.

Could it be that this is just the same old news bloopers repackaged and recycled yet again…?

I bet the woman in the bikini in the preview image doesn’t put in an actual appearance, too.


Poor thing, she sounded really distraught!


I know, right? By the way, welcome to BoingBoing! :fireworks:


you could hear in her voice how much she needed that money…that was hard to listen to.


And the awkward and uncomfortable moments just keep coming.


OMGlobalwarminglizardconspiracy! I saw that live yesterday. Alex Jones has officially lost the war going on for his mind.


Ugh. That’s pretty much like those professional wrestling interviews. Except real, at least on Cenk’s part.

It seemed revealing to me when Alex Jones expressed surprise that Cenk seemed genuinely upset over the interruption. It’s all a game to media figures like Jones, who operate further to the right than mainstream republicans. That kind of pundit/celebrity (Jones, Beck, Limbaugh, Coulter, etc.) doesn’t mean much of anything they say. It’s all money-grubbing clickbait. OTOH, those like Cenk, who operate further to the left of mainstream democrats, generally do mean what they say; they pretty much express their actual political convictions. It’s not all a money-grubbing game to them. And like me, they’re getting increasingly dismayed and infuriated about the dangerous rightward swing of politics in the U.S., in both major parties.