Compilation of most awkward and uncomfortable moments on TV news - part 2


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That last one has to be staged performance art, right? It’s like his awkwardness is creating electromagnetic interference in the studio.


would it be so difficult to put the “live” broadcast on a 30 second delay?

BTW… I hope they never do.


How did they miss the famous keep fuckin’ that chicken clip?



My locals made the cut via “Kanoodling”…


I liked the Bourbon St. reporter who cleverly took out a drunk bystander. I wouldn’t wish that New Orleans beat on my worst enemy. (“Go 49ers!”)

Also, not nearly as cringeworthy as last week’s volume.


Get me off… camera.


My all time favorite was this weather-map glitch which the weatherman handled like an absolute pro. The man deserves an award.


What in the… just… what?


The cringeworthiest moment was thinking about what’s going to happen to that Russia Today announcer’s job after vocally criticizing the pro-Putin bikini carwash on air.


Here’s a favorite of mine, from the same station as the guy who ate cat vomit from part 1.

A little mixup with a mugshot.


That one was my favorite. “I thought it meant chatting!”


It was in part 1.


All you need to watch is the first 30 seconds of this one, IMO. By far the best bit at the front.

That was totally

ICE :snowflake: COLD


The “Amazon sells SEX TOYS!” guy seemed drunk but if he’s like that all the time the local news there must always be worth watching.


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