News anchors blowing their tops: the supercut


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Fake news…


Not sure if I’d even call these types newsreaders


The young Bill O’Blowhard was worth the click.


Ah, Bill. Once a dick, always a dick.


My sense of rightious indignation must be sated: I couldnt make it through more than two of these.


That clip never gets old. In fifty years when everything else that idiot did will be mercifully forgotten, Fuck It, We’ll Do It Live will live in infamy forever.


6 examples hardly equals a ‘supercut’


With the exception of the woman obsessed with suit color and the moron who didn’t know the expression “play us out”, they seemed like professionals being justifiably irritated by people around them not doing their job.


Maybe, but you gotta allow for murphies law every now and then in a studio setting and most pros can handle hiccups without having a tantrum.

It does make me feel fortunate to not have my own worst moment on a bad day recorded!


I work in broadcast. Live news is exceptionally difficult and complex. The amount of things going on in the studio and control room that viewers have no idea about is pretty astounding. Teleprompters and audio circuits working properly are really important. And in shows like O’Donnel’s, he’s not just the on-air talent, but also one of the key producers and editor/writers. Frankly, I can see why sometimes these folks blow fuses, when the staff is not on the ball, equipment is malfunctioning, etc. It’s them up there on the screen after all. Not condoning unprofessional behavior, but the “look at these prima donna on-air talent assholes” narrative leaves out a lot of other factors.


I have to say he doesn’t even seem all that angry, more acting out to try and discharge some of the frustration of the moment.

Now, that character from Fox News whose video was getting the clicks a few weeks ago, he seemed genuinely mad as hell.


Sure, and 99% of the time they probably handle such problems with appropriate equanimity. Those occasions don’t get filmed and posted.


More blue pages for you, Mr. O’Donnell!


You know, I dunno who “Jessica” is, but she seemed pretty reasonable. Her stage manager just didn’t show up for work? And she’s a prima donna if she objects? I hate to be That Feminist Guy, but stick a male anchor in that clip and see if he makes the prima donna list.


I agree. She seems justifiably mad about the situation, especially since she said it’s not the first time. AND she was in control enough to be civil to the guy who had nothing to do with it. Kudos for her!


Jessica Savitch, I think.


Yes, that was Jessica Savitch, who’s life has been the basis and/or inspiration for more than one film, including Anchorman.


I do feel bad for them. However it might appear, that’s a hugely stressful job that requires a ton of focus, skill, and the ability to deal with a huge number of variables that can change with no notice. That it sometimes drives people over the edge is no surprise at all.


You’re right. I remember Savitch from back in the day doing the short news breaks that used to air on NBC. I still remember the weird, erratic new break she did shortly before her death. It was startling. I remember immediately telling my brother about it, it was so strange.

While I think her frustration is justified in the clip in this montage, you can see that she’s not handling the pressure well.