Boy, 7, who donated his hair to child cancer patients is diagnosed with metastatic cancer

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Wow, that just wiped out my buzz.


Thank you @Xeni. I really appreciate this. I don’t know anyone who hasn’t had cancer come around the corner and stomp on them or someone else that they know. Yet, despite our familiarity with it and the nightmares that it brings, we all seem to be engaged in this collective act of willful pretending. But we know the reality. The reality of constant collections calls (in less civilized nations, like the US), the nightmare of treatment cycles, the terror it brings, and the way that it makes you number your days or the days of someone you love. But no! Cancer survivors are Tuff! They’re ready to take on everything! Hey! What’s that? A tear? What are you doing? We’re going to beat this! Why are you depressed? Don’t bring down the room!

Fuck cancer? I don’t even like saying that. Fuck the sky, fuck gravity, fuck rivers and streams. Cancer doesn’t care, it doesn’t laugh in our face, and it doesn’t have a personality. It is a cold and ancient force of biology. This isn’t a “battle,” there is no adversary. Your body is failing, for a number of reasons that we are all just beginning to wrap our heads around.

Cancer is a disease. People are allowed to feel bad about it. They’re allowed to feel absolutely miserable if they want to. I won’t blame them. Given time and bad fortune, I’ll be right there joining them.


Even with insurance, cancer can mean bankruptcy. I really really hope Bernie has moved us closer to single-payer.


Thank you too for saying that. The night I was diagnosed I stood in a hospital hallway looking at a very familiar street wondering what my future held. Among the things I wrote down that night was this: “I don’t want to be a hero who inspires others. I just want to live.”

If I can help others that’s great, but my own survival was a combination of luck and the kind of medical care I think every other person with cancer should also get.


Roger That!


That’s why I don’t do jack shit for anyone but myself.

Not that I think doing things for others causes cancer, but at least when I get it nobody will be all bummed about it.

I had x3 insurance carriers at the time & still went bankrupt… granted the recession certainly didn’t help… where all those fskrs who already had theirs took more.

Thinking back on it I, I just get so… angry - gunna go chase down that buzz @Papasan lost…


Uh, what? I’m pretty sure this is a typo but I can’t figure what the intended word was.

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How terribly sad.

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TRUMP 2016!


“If I can’t be a shining role model, at least I can be a bad example”.


Um… Hopefully this little gem in the quoted article is the result of (yet another) unsupervised use of autocorrect.

I found it kind of endearing

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