Family of 5yo cancer patient dresses as superheroes for his funeral


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Nothing illustrates
Human impermanence like
A Tiny Coffin


Fuck cancer.


Came here to say just this.

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I respect however the survivors think they can cope with such a horrendous situation.

Also, those are some profoundly sad, depressed, and depressing “super” heroes… yet they are still more convincing than the ones I’ve seen on people trying to earn a living by entertaining tourists outside the Chinese Theater in Hollywood…

My son just turned 5, and loves all the superheros in the picture. You wouldn’t believe the sawdust flying around me right now.

Best wishes to the little fallen hero’s family.

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I agree. There is no good way to cope with grief, just horrible ways, because it’s a horrible feeling. This seems as good an attempt as any.

I remember having a conversation with a mom who is also a therapist, and we discussed what we’d do if one of our kids died. Without a second she said, “I’d be doing drugs,” and not like in a joking way but just, yeah, that’s about the only coping mechanism she could come up with. So this is better.


Truly a picture that paints a thousand words.

It certainly looks like the little guy had a great family. I hope they’re able to concentrate on the good memories.

They should hire someone to clean up… Definitely too much dust in the air here.

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