Daughter records 'last dance' with her dad, who is dying of cancer


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People deal with impending mortality, loss, and grief in a lot of different ways. Personally, I find it’s usually a good idea not to be a total asshole about how other people choose to spend their final time with their loved ones.


I kind of agree… and I kind of think you should take a deep breath and just enjoy them enjoying themselves before the cancer kills him.


I hope she continues to have fun living in the distant future.

Shooting the video appeared to make her dying father very happy (as well as the rest of the family). Looks like it was all a success to me.

I’m a little shocked that BoingBoing is now re-forwarding clips from “The Today Show”. Your street credibility has hereby shrunk

I would watch who you’re saying that to. BoingBoing got back…


I don’t think it is that odd. The father/daughter dance is one of the more important and emotional parts of a lot of weddings. The father was probably very upset that he would miss it. His presence would certainly be missed at the eventual wedding. They could have had a stand-in or tried to bypass the tradition in some way, but I think this is a pretty elegant solution and brings just a bit of solace to a dying man.


I’m sorry this dying man and his daughter collectively managed to piss in your cheerios, but really, eat a snickers bar or something.


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Yay for people who bring joy into the world, fleeting or otherwise.


The Patriarchy From Beyond The Grave

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Thank you for posting this, Xeni.

In a very unfortunate coincidence, I just found out a few hours ago that my father-in-law has pancreatic cancer. My wife calls it “the aggressive kind,” so perhaps that means it’s metastatic? It wasn’t entirely unexpected as he has visibly deteriorated in the past few weeks and my mother-in-law has been acting odd so we knew something like this was up. Still, I am gutted.

What’s more, he seemed to lose interest in life years ago, but always said he wanted to stay alive long enough to dance at his daughter’s wedding. And we never had a real wedding (always postponing it), just a small civil ceremony. Well, I guess he probably won’t get the chance to do it now, but this post has just given me a fantastic idea instead, thanks to you! :slight_smile:


This absolutely brought tears to my eyes. This is obviously an important moment in both of their lives that this man won’t get to be a part of. Even if she never gets married, or ends up divorced, or any of the various unknown things that can happen, she will have this memory of an experience both she and her father wanted to have before his death. Personally, I wish more people lived their lives this way. More importantly, I wish I lived my life more this way-- focusing on what parts of things really matter to me and to the people I care about and dispensing with the rest. She’ll have this to remember for the rest of her life, and I hope if she does get married that they take some time to play the footage.


This daughter and father are reminders that we must always take time to dance, while we can


Somebody is chopping onions up in here again. Thanks for the nice cry.

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