Boy now magnetic after electrical shock


Cover his body with corn starch and see if anything sticks. Then, and only then, will I believe he’s magnetic.


Did he receive a nocturnal visit from the You Almost Died Fairy?


This seems to be some sort of Russian cultural phenomenon in response to political turmoil. I remember when the Communist Party lost power these stories were popping up all over the place.

Do we really need to repeat nonsense? I expect this from British tabloids, and the other rags, but I didn’t expect Boing Boing to waste time on it.

This is almost as bad as the “New Battery Runs On Water!” articles.

seriously, why waste time reporting crap like this. smooth, hairless skin, on a chubby sweaty kid has a high coefficient of friction.

Here’s the same story about a 7 year old serbian boy from a few years ago:

And the debunking.


Maybe the kid read Paramahansa Yogananda’s book… I hear Steve Jobs was a fan.

I don’t think this post is about what you think it’s about…


The same thing happened to Jim Varney in Ernest Goes to Jail.


Fuckin’ magnetic children: how do they work?



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I’d be far more impressed if he had become a perpetual motion machine.


HMS Goose: I do believe I understand the story. Metal objects stick to boy. Big deal. I have a quarter stuck to my forehead right now. Every time I drink a beer, I stick the bottlecap to my forehead; it;s good for a juvenile laugh. I’ve hung spoons on my nose since I was twelve. There’s science involved, but not magnetism.
The big frying pan he has stuck to that kid’s chest is almost certainly aluminum, and I’m sure there isn’t enough ferrous metal in an ipad to stick to any magnet. There no magnetism at work here, and anybody with a lick of sense should see that.

So it’s just sensational, tabloid journalism, reporting bad science. So what I want to know, is why is Boing Boing repeating the story? If the purpose was, “Wow, will you look at what some people will believe if you print it,” then fine, but make that part clear.

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I knew That’s Incredible. Real People was a show I watched.

Beschizza, you are no Ms. Cathy Lee Crosby.


So comments like…


…didn’t tip you off?


no, I meant that bOINGbOING is posting it as a comment on fake magnet boy stories, from a meta-journalism perspective, as they quite often do. Yes, that wasn’t made explicit in the headline, but usually the /s tag is implied in these, as we are all assumed to be in on the joke.


The BB post was pretty obviously sarcastic. If you missed that the issue isn’t with the post… the issue is with you.


In time, you’ll come to realize that if Rob posted it, his tongue is likely firmly planted on his cheek. Or he simply finds it amusing.

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And hey, who didn’t sleep with steel coins as a child?

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