Fun chain-reaction of magnets self-assembling

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It seems the quantum superposition has collapsed and you are now in the universe in which comments were not disabled.


I saw the Kickstarter for this toy… all I could think of is a toddler eating two of these and then perforating their intestines ( Hope the creators have some Kickstarter money for litigation…

He’s referring to the youtube link…

I would never, ever have guessed, nor would I ever make use of an ambiguity for (feeble) humorous purposes.

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Fair enough, I should have guessed as much.
Here is a better link, BTW: and the kickstarter page which has been fully funded:
I’m a pediatrician and this is literally the worst idea for a game… small, colorful (what I’m assuming are neodymium) magnets that look like Spree candies marketed towards young children. A bag of broken glass would be safer.
I’ve sent a few children to the ER in the past couple of years when families are concerned their child may have swallowed either magnets or button batteries. You can’t just wait to see if they pass… scary stuff.

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I completely agree with that, and I seem to recall posting on another thread a description of how to remove large magnets safely from things like refrigerators, because it is easy for adults to injure themselves with them. Not as potentially fatally as in the case of swallowing, but still surprisingly dangerous to the uninstructed.
There’s a general problem with all of these things. They look an interesting school demonstration but I wonder how many of the magnets would still be around at the end of the lesson?

Man, how does that work?!

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