120 small disc magnets for $10

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So did you build a general Apple ][ out of the Pi, or is it specially for playing Wizardry? From the screenshot it seems to be the Apple ][ version.


I’ll give you a magnet, if I remember to bring them with me.

Roger That!

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People are discovering that small, strong magnets are seriously dangerous to children at the “putting things in mouths” stage. For those who haven’t heard this yet, take heed. https://www.npr.org/sections/health-shots/2013/08/08/210200382/swallowing-tiny-magnets-can-lead-to-big-trouble-for-kids

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Yeah, kids ruin EVERYTHING. Like the reason Boba Fett didn’t have a firing missile!

So keep out of reach!

The My Littlest Pet Shop toys used to have little magnets in one of their feet which would trigger certain things in play sets. It was clever. I think some kid knawed one out and they removed them from the toy.

I can vouch that these magnets are also a great way to attach beards to cars.


As one so often does. :smiley:

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Slightly offtopic, but what is that keyboard? And am I correct in guessing that area in the middle is a trackpad of some sort?

I’m looking to replace the ancient, janky wireless keyboard+trackpad I got for ten dollars back in the day, since it’s only getting jankier with age, but it seems to be surprisingly hard to find one-piece units, and even more so to find ones that any human appears to have ever used.

RIP Buckyballs.

I believe it’s the one @frauenfelder posted about here (also $10)

Yes, that’s the one. It’s perfect for what I use it for.

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