Man smashes $10,000 Apple Watch with magnets

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Poor magnets, they got chipped.


I buy the common little disc shaped neodymium magnets regularly for stuff, such useful little finger pinchers!

But I often browse to the bigger ones…

Given the option, I would definitely take those 2 $500 magnets over that $10,000 watch any day.

Or rather I’d take the watch, sell it to some poor sap and buy me some big magnets with enough left over for a fine new gaming computer, and keep the magnets in the workshop far from my fine new gaming rig.


Well I wouild have happily traded him my old Casio watch for the Apple watch he clearly hates. With just a little sleight of hand, he could have made exactly the same video, and made me richer at the same time. Everybody wins! Which is to say, me.

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$1000 in magnets
$10000 Apple watch
But you can’t find a wide flat ended rod to push with.

I’ve got a stash of 2x4s if you’d like to borrow some for the next video.


“Insane Clown Posse magnets joke!”

Magneto knows…


But will it blend…


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same here because i have a thing for magnets and bearings…and i’d rest easy knowing that next year there wouldn’t be a magnet 2.0 and magnet OS update making my magnets obsolete and mostly useless.

are we sure most of these videos aren’t using the $40 knockoffs of the $10000 watch? I’m sure they destroy just as well as the brand name.


The need for internet view is powerful with this one.

As my (late) grandmother used to say “More dollars than sense.”

Making an estimated $60K/month. Why would you do such a thing?


Because with stats like that there is a strong possibility that there was no need to pay for the watch & maybe that a free watch wasn’t the extent of the deal?

Not as though it were a negative review after all.

Finally, a use for the apple watch.


I think somebody should have warned them that powerful magnets can damage computer components or corrupt data.

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