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I’d be interested in comments from people who have experience with both, comparing and contrasting this to the much more expensive lookalike Apple band. The Apple band is great but the magnet degausses over time and it starts to slip (I assume this is a problem common to all bands of this type) and I don’t fancy the price Apple wants to replace it.

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Mine isn’t an Apple watch band, it’s a Fitbit band that I got off of Amazon for ~$10. But it’s the same concept, the magnet holds tight to the band. I’ve had mine for a couple of years now, and it holds very well still. The only substantial complaint I have with mine is that if I wear it to bed for sleep tracking purposes, and I forget to tighten up the band, it loosens and spins around my wrist like a small band saw as I sleep abrading my wrist skin. Otherwise the band holds really well, and is the best one I’ve found for cheap.


Interesting, I had the silver one from the day the first Apple Watch came out until the most recent (slightly larger) series 4 came out it has was my daily wear and I never noticed the difference. I got the black watch and got the black version of that band to replace it. I haven’t had that one nearly as long (and occasionally swap into the silver band), and it hasn’t had issues either.

How noticeable is it? Did I get lucky, or did you get unlucky?

Mine has a powerful magnet. It has never slipped. I managed to get it (bought March 2018) to pull free of the watch dock and they generously replaced it immediately. I’ve had no problems since then (Sept 2018). Links to both products are gone.

Original was:

BRG for Apple Watch Band 38mm 42mm, Stainless Steel Mesh Milanese Loop with Adjustable Magnetic Closure Replacement iWatch Band for Apple Watch Series


Sold by: BRG Tech

Replacement shows as Sold by: JUIY

Mark, I noticed in your Amazon linked item, the first photo is of a closure device, not the magnetic strap that we’re talking about.

I have a similar $12 silver Milanese loop band (hard to tell if it’s the same because there are about a hundred of the things on Amazon) and love it. The inside cover for the magnet broke off but the band continues to work fine.

I had an earlier $12 one that slipped from day one, so qc may not be great on these things. But it is definitely not worth paying the Apple premium for this item.

I’ve had experience with both the Apple version and the knock-offs. In general the knock-offs are fine but they don’t exude the same level of quality. The clasp won’t be as nice, the materials won’t feel or look as nice, the fit and finish won’t be as nice. If you hold the two side by side you’ll definitely notice a difference.

That said, the Apple one also costs some 12x as much. If you have money to burn and don’t change out your band a lot, the Apple one is very high quality and will probably outlive you. If you like to change out your band a lot and don’t really care as much about materials quality, the knock-offs will probably serve you perfectly fine.


My favorite Apple watch:



I was expecting a group performance using MidiWrist or the like:

Apple watch bands are OK, but I prefer the Chocolate variety.

(ps. Donny has a place for a freak out!)

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I have the same one and I’m pretty sure I found it for even cheaper. It’s starting to get a little chewed up in spots (as is the watch itself) but the magnet is still strong.

I have been on the verge of buying one of these cheaper bands but the possibility of acquiring nickel allergy worries me. I do not really want to take the chances with chinese knock-offs but the original is quite expensive for a band, does anyone know an easy test for nickel?

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Is it bigger than a dime? Then it’s a nickel.

Timex Social Club would have to be the show opener.

I’ve had the original Milanese band from Apple for years and while expensive it’s been great. Magnet is still solid and the band itself barely looks used.

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