This is the best kind of Apple Watch band

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It’s a pretty blatant ripoff of Apple’s Milanese Loop design, no?

Even for as big, faceless a company as Apple is, BB still cares about compensating artists, right?

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those watch bands EAT my arm hair. Also, if you have a series 5 it’ll throw off the compass.


If Apple had invented it, it would have been called the Cupertino Loop. Or maybe the iLoop.


If I haven’t worn it for a while, I get that undesirable wrist-waxing action. But I had an old Skagen with a very similar strap, so I knew that it dies down after a while, presumably because it’s removed the hairs that are fine enough to fit through the gaps (my wrist is not noticeably bald).

Umma disagree with @frauenfelder though, and say that the best strap is the “leather loop”, which has the same type of closure, but is made of soft dead animal friends. They stopped doing it for a long time but reintroduced it with the series 5, although it seems like it’s still on backorder everywhere. Of course, as an Apple strap it costs $100, and I suspect knockoff versions are a lot more fall-aparty, plus it’s not vegetarian.

Either kind is really good, though, because until you have a continuously-adjustable watch strap you don’t notice how nice it is to be able to loosen and tighten it throughout the day according to sweatiness / anaphylaxic swelling etc.

“once it has eaten all of the arm hair it can reach it will stop eating your arm hair” is not a convincing sales technique.


I have a similar “infinitely adjustable” magnetic band for my Apple Watch, although mine is made of leather (this is close:

One thing to be aware of with magnetic bands - if you type on a laptop keyboard, you might find the watch band “sticking” to the case (or more accurately, attracted to something within the case). Happens when I use my Surface Book 2, and it’s very annoying. Although the Surface Book 2 is annoying in its own right, so thankfully I don’t use it often.

Depending on your writing/tapping position, the magnet can also trigger the “cover closed” sensors on certain tablets, causing them to go to sleep when you least expect it.

Thanks, how it treats arm hair was the first thing I wondered when I saw it.

I’ve been satisfied by a hook-and-loop (i.e. Velcro) band, it is also infinitely-adjustable. On the downside, it can absorb sweat-stink but no one is in the habit of smelling my wrist.

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I have found two Apple Watches in local parks, presumably having fallen off the users’ wrists. Both had this style of band.


I’ve had two different iterations of this band. Neither one has fallen off my wrist, but the magnet strength on the first one was significantly lower than the magnet strength on my current one. I am guessing that for $12 and change, you don’t get a lot of quality control.

My experience with leather straps is that they last about 6 months before they start to stink (from accumulated sweat, etc.). Has Apple solved this problem?

Oh no I hope Apple doesn’t fire me

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I remember this being an issue with velcro straps.

But then I stopped wearing watches and that solved that particular issue.

I’ll bet they wished they had velcro straps instead.


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