My favorite 70s style leather cuff of an Apple Watch band

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Nah, fakey.

It’s supposed to be the same width all the way around with a huge buckle and, well, I see it does have contrasting stitching…
…did I mention that it shouldn’t be comfortable.

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Suffering for style is meh.

Does it come in ostrich leather?


Not to mention, high wasted and tight.

You also own some nice automatics, right? Do you find yourself choosing the Apple Watch over your more traditional watches?

I wear the Apple Watch daily. The Rolex have been relegated to black tie and formal wear duty, or dates where I give a shit. The Mickey Mouse watch I love has taken a backseat as the Mickey Face on the Apple Watch talks(!!!)

I love winding my watches up – but the benefit i get from the fitness tracker is immense. It really helps me stay on track.

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That thing could do double duty as bondage gear.

Since this blocks the sensor, does it not stop the watch auto-unlocking? (And measuring your heart rate, if that’s something you care about)

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There is a hole for that.

Do not quote this out of context.


Will the watch charge on the band, or do you have to remove it?

(or will the charger slip between the watch and the band?)

What you have appears to be a “Bund Strap,” first issued to Nazi soldiers but so functional and comfortable that pretty much everyone is fine ignoring that (weirdly fitting with your Disney face, as the man was accused of attending Bundist/Nazi events but everyone is fine ignoring that, too). Some military variations included an additional piece of leather or fabric that would snap over the face to prevent light from glinting off the crystal and giving away one’s position.

While your strap consists of two pieces- a partial cuff with slits and a normal width watch band that fits through it (which could also be worn independently), a “Hercules” strap typically consists of a single wide cuff, sometimes with two buckles or one big buckle, which has sewn or riveted tabs to hold the watch springbars individually. It’s more of a pain in the neck to install (you need the right distance between the bars) and probably wouldn’t work with an Apple Watch unless there was a hole in the back, but the advantage of securing the springbars individually is that if one fails you don’t lose the watch.

Does this watch maybe support microsd cards?

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