Little kids love those fidget spinners, but Nanodots are for the big kids


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what happens when you eat them?


You don’t have the buckyballs to do that.


It’s how I developed my magnetic personality!


I have a magnetic personality, but the polarity is reversed.


apparently, the risk increases dramatically when you eat more than one.


I thought these were pulled off the market due to people eating them?


Yea, the buckyballs were taken off the market.

But they are fun (I have some for a desk toy). So, as long as you promise me you won’t eat them, I’d recommend getting the knock-off before the regulators figure out the switch!


Sort of bland. And they cracked one of my teeth.

Gum balls are better.


Seriously though, the danger that small rare-earth magnets pose to kids (or anyone who might absentmindedly put them in their mouths) is nothing to laugh at. The injuries they can cause are really unpleasant, and happen surprisingly often.


Just don’t mix them with these:


On my prescription, it said:
For maximum risk, take 1 every 20 minutes, for 3-4 hours,
or until you feel severe intestinal discomfort.
Discontinue upon reaching Emergency Room.


I used to lean more libertarian. Then I finally accepted that my once optimistic view of people was delusional, and that George Carlin was right, the average person is a moron, and half of all people are dumber than that. Being insufficiently cold-hearten to let the morons immolate in their own stupidity, I’ve come to accept that they just won’t read signs and won’t take those they do read seriously - except for a few hypochondriacs who will got bat-shit over debunked fears about beneficial things like vaccines and will panic themselves in an early grave on the road to giving their kids a lifetime of neuroses.

Although it will be miserable for those of us with a modicum of sense, the human race will probably make much better pets for our robot overlords than it manages the pretense of adulthood. I don’t know if people were always this ditzy, maybe it’s a consequence of modern society, but it’s the sad state of affairs we live in. This is why we can’t have nice things.


They’re back.


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