Watch what happens when a big neodymium magnet collides with 1,000 small ones

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Magnets! We know how they work, but they’re still hella cool!




I can’t be the only person that wants to see what happens if you leave the small magnets on the table and slowly raise the big magnet from underneath. Preferably a couple of times in different orientations.


A fascinating video, but a major safety hazard. The websites and brochures I’ve seen for this type of magnet strongly recommend safety goggles when “working” with these magnets. When they smash together as in this video, the coating material can chip and depart the magnet with substantial velocity, something most mammalian eyes are not ready for.
As a physician who has dug strongly embedded metal particles from the corneas of young men, I can tell you that the procedure is not fun for either party.
Safety goggles are painless, cool looking, inexpensive and convenient. These properties are not shared by emergency department visits.


it’s like the magnet version of a facehugger.


“Ok, that’s a wrap,”

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How interesting that a few topics down was something about Juggalos.


A perfect visual analogy of what happens when Trump visits a red state…

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As a young man who has had tiny bits of metal removed from a cornea, I concur. (was wearing safety glasses, but grinder debris in my hair and eyebrows went into my eye while washing my face while cleaning up… No bueno.)

I’d love to have one of these magnets, if only to collect magnetite from the beach, but the sheer power of these big ones scares the hell out of me.


Wow, the conservation of momentum transfer to the larger magnet in the drop test is so cool to see, it’s like all the little rebounds that would have occurred from the balls get harmonized into one big downward “thunk”.

(and I would be a lot more cautious of keeping fingers clear of their acceleration than this youtuber).

…or is it that that we just understand everything else in terms of them?

(maybe icp is hipper than we thought?)


My favorite part was the “snakes” of ball magnets aligned with the invisible magnetic field.

That thousand pound magnet would be a good anchor point for a large sledgehammer (Thor-hammer).
Leave the sledgehammer in a public place with the handle sticking up and the magnet embedded in concrete so it cannot be pulled out.

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I’m glad that YouTubers exist to show me something dangerous being done by incredibly stupid people. I can look at these without guilt and relive that part of my childhood without the non-zero chance I’d lose an eye, hand, or other important bits of my body.

I almost wish he’d portrayed some kind of on-camera injury just to deter kids from trying to duplicate this on their own. He wouldn’t have to actually injure himself, just some CGI to show how easy it would have been for him to crush every bone in his hand.

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