Slow-motion magnet collisions


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Watching with sound vs. without or with ICP in the background.


I miss my friend Max Eisenhardt and the simple games he would use to entertain us children, until he decided to become some kind of big-shot and go around telling people what to do.


It would be better without the 60Hz throb in the lighting.


Fucking magnets. How do they work?


I really liked that they showed them all at regular speed at the end! It drives home just how slow the slow motion was.

I really disliked that sound they either used or added for the tiny beads hitting the magnets! Why was there no sound for the larger disks?


Fucking Magnets? I was going to talk about magnets hugging.



FYI neodymium magnets can shatter on impact with metal objects and create surgically sharp shards which can be difficult to remove without bloodshed.


Hugging comes first, but how do you think they get all those little magnets?


It’s strange how the magnets made of smaller cubes appear to break up into rows. I’m thinking there must be some horrifyingly dense mathematical explanation underlying the phenomenon. But maybe it’s just due to non-uniformity, either in the smaller cubes themselves or in how they were initially packed together


I think this is a case of the sound being left out for the larger discs. It probably overwhelmed the sound track






Wow! Is a mad genius behind this or just a person who is mad?


It came from the internet… what do you expect!


This does a nice reveal of where the N/S poles are on that otherwise unlabeled shiny sphere. (“always two there are, no more, no less” --Yoda on the issue of magnets)


My gut feeling is just that the rows are the axis of the cube that happens to align with the magnets north-south field, and thus each cube sticks strongly to its row and a bit more weakly for the columns.


Magnetism is extreme Metal love. I really like Iron Maiden, but I don’t stick to anything, so am sure I am not magnetic.


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