Boy Scouts of America Concerned About Copyright

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@Falcor: Time spill.

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I wonder the back story about this. The modern BSA’s anti-gay, anti-atheist, etc. tendencies stems from Mormons taking over leadership of the org in the late 70’s/early 90’s.

I’m not active anymore (eagle, with 2 gay eagles as family), but it’s not nothing to me, and I wonder how it might be driven by the Mormon connection.

*Most troops, btw, are defined by their leader’s morals. Which is to say, they don’t enforce for the most part whatever the official creed is. Hence, I have 2 gay eagles as family.


I turned in my eagle badge when they decided to be explicit about the anti-gay policy.

I was fortunately part of a pretty cool troop. But we had some oldtimer scout masters who occasionally made a very pointed emphasis on the “morally straight” part of the oath.

By the time I figured out I wasn’t exactly straight, I was a life scout, and decided to just not talk about it and get my eagle. But yeah, I can’t officially say I’m one anymore. Mailed in my badge and letter of resignation in protest.