Boycott of luxury hotels owned by Brunei sultan grows


Well, I will also continue my lifelong boycott of absurdly expensive hotels.


Me too! Let’s all struggle to pay rent instead, that’ll learn 'em!

Quick, spread the word on your child-labor-built mobile device!

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Yes, stoning homosexuals to death is exactly like using devices manufactured in substandard working conditions. And of course you have to pick just one, you can’t possibly be against both.

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Don’t be surprised if the move is really directed towards the mercantile class in Brunei, which tends to be neither Malay nor Muslim (they’re predominately Chinese). Anything that creates “outsiders” is good for distracting attention, and Chinese merchants are a lot more visible than gays. (I’m sure that, from the government’s point of view, if some of merchants are also gay, bonus!)

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