Protests at Beverly Hills hotel over owner's Sharia law rules


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Good god, I hope every conservative who supported Hobby Lobby is out there counter-protesting in support of this poor man’s ability to practice is religion upon other people un-infringed.


You silly. That’s not the right religion, it shouldn’t have freedom!


Kind of a sloppy uniform, all things considered,

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Wealthy, oil rich Muslim angering Americans? Is this going to end in another “War of Liberation”?

What could those ribbons even have been awarded for? Brunei hasn’t seen any military action since 1962. I suppose they might have sent troops to assist as U.N. peacekeepers at some point, but you don’t get medals for that afaik.

The Sharia thing is probably a sop to forestall objections to the regime by radical Islamists. It’s one of those countries where citizens get a dividend check from the government instead of a tax bill, so the people are unlikely to rock the boat over rarely-enforced draconian laws.

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He’s got a nice brother, which is where I thought the hotel ownership came from…

Ribbons for avoiding military conflicts actually sounds like an intriguing idea. Maybe it’s us that have it backwards.


Brunei may not have seen any military action since 1962, but by some accounts, the Sultan got a lot of action, at least in the early 90’s.

Jefri wasted a lot of money on rotting cars.

There was an article on this in Slate (I think) showing just how pointless and inane this protest shapes up to be.

Multiple luxury properties are owned by Middle Eastern royalty. And many of the BFFs of the celebrity boycotters regularly perform for 6-figure paydays from these same misogynist dictators, without a whiff of deserved condemnation. Not to mention the folly of boycotting a multi-billionaire who could probably sustain the hotel for decades before experiencing any financial discomfort.

Mainly it’s just crapping all over the working stiffs at the hotel who need the paycheck.


And yet I am always hearing conservatives harp on about how “liberals love Muslims.”

She had told this story, in much more detail, at The Moth. It’s a great listen.

Lost me right there.

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