Brain Rot: Hip Hop Family Tree, Beastie Boys Cooky Puss


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re: the Scott and Gary show, I somehow doubt Adrock was “king of the 1s,” but I’ve always wondered if this was his tag [Subway Art, p21]. It looks like a crew roll-call all in the same hand, so even if it’s supposed to be him, it may not have been written by him. But, the timeline is in the right ballpark, anyway.

Instead of the floor, they should have covered the ceiling with asphalt.

The advert in question. Suddenly, panel seven makes a lot more sense.

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I was wondering if someone was gonna grab that brass ring and hunt it down. or should I say… Brass Monkey!

clink( ^^)Y☆Y(^^ )clink

mmmmm, it does go well with the chicken.

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