Brain Rot: Hip Hop Family Tree, Rammellzee and Beat Bop


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Awesome work Ed! I don’t know if it’s you, Rammellzee, or both, but that first panel screams Jack Kirby.

I simply can’t believe Rammellzee is a phenom. I built mechanized stage props for him in the late 80’s, he seemed such a freakshow. You just never know…

Wow I’d love to see those. He definitely had an interesting mind…

Not to be pedantic or anything but I think in the last panel you’ve got MCA saying he’s Adrock?

I love Hip Hop Family Tree, let’s go Bucs!

Its just my flawed drawing skills I assure you. I promise you if someone in my comics specifically says they’re somebody, then they’re supposed to be that somebody.

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this single is also featured in Style Wars, and he’s the one emceeing the Rocksteady/Dynamic Rockers battle at United Skates of America.

the dvd release has a great, more recent interview with Rammellzee on the extras disc, but I couldn’t find it on youtube.
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