Brain Rot: Hip Hop Family Tree, Rammellzee and Beat Bop




Awesome work Ed! I don’t know if it’s you, Rammellzee, or both, but that first panel screams Jack Kirby.


I simply can’t believe Rammellzee is a phenom. I built mechanized stage props for him in the late 80’s, he seemed such a freakshow. You just never know…


Wow I’d love to see those. He definitely had an interesting mind…


Not to be pedantic or anything but I think in the last panel you’ve got MCA saying he’s Adrock?

I love Hip Hop Family Tree, let’s go Bucs!


Its just my flawed drawing skills I assure you. I promise you if someone in my comics specifically says they’re somebody, then they’re supposed to be that somebody.


this single is also featured in Style Wars, and he’s the one emceeing the Rocksteady/Dynamic Rockers battle at United Skates of America.

the dvd release has a great, more recent interview with Rammellzee on the extras disc, but I couldn’t find it on youtube.
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