Brain Rot: Hip Hop Family Tree, Rockit & Grandmixer DST


I love how this time again two major nexus figures show up in this comic. Looking forward to my print copy!

How I would have loved to have been at the store when Hancock tested “Rockit” on the crowd. My own experience hearing the song for the first time was a little similar, though. There was a guy carrying a beatbox down the street with “Rockit” blaring, and I couldn’t resist following him so I could listen to it.


I remember seeing that tim hunkin exhibition when it toured (most likely the year after this I would have thought). It was in a gallery, with no hippidy hop soundtrack though, sadly.

From the drawings I thought it was Laswell testing the tape at the store.

So it looks like copies of the book are starting to get released, anyone want to guess how long it’ll take Amazon uk to deliver it?

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