Brain Rot: Hip Hop Family Tree, The Disco Three Become The Fat Boys




Love it! The Fat Boys were just made for @Ed_Piskor drawing style!



I love how they're drawn in superhero fashion, larger than anyone around by a...large margin.


Not being familiar with the source material, I find the lyrics as they appear in these comics to be wholly baffling. But I guess similar things can be said about a lot of graphic novels. Such is reeailuhtee.


Speaking as someone who is familiar with the Fat Boys' body of work, and their title album, you will have to trust me when I say that Ed's comics are a lot less baffling than the Fat Boys' themselves. I mean, the LP has a picture of them dressed in prison garb, playing tug of war over a slice of pizza, on a giant pizza, surrounded by giant versions of themselves looking at themselves while eating other things!


Great mix of art styles on this page (and the last). I guess the Fat Boys just call for Kirby.


I've got some of their singles on Sutra, but as the Fat Boys, not the Disco Three.


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