Brain Rot: Hip Hop Family Tree, White Lines


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damn, she’s evil.

Such a great song. And if Duran Duran’s version helped put some money in Liquid Liquid’s pocket finally, well, at least it accomplished some good.

never knew there was a video, let alone featuring Spike and Fishburne. not too surprising since obviously Lee has always been down for hip hop. I remember being blown away when my school did a showing of his 1983 student feature Joe’s Bed-Stuy Barbershop and the opening credits were hand-lettered in the inimitable style of FUTURA. can’t find this on the web, though : (

Also, this is probably just in my head, but I could swear Melle Mel was saying “Athletes rejected, gover-nerds corrected…”

had to check this out, too

Loving this series!

You could call even Sugarhill ‘rap gangsters’.

Listening to a documentary about the release of Rapper’s Delight, I heard Paul Gambaccini, who was the ‘American music’ DJ on BBC Radio 1 back in the 80s say that the only two reasons he bothered to listen to Rapper’s Delight when it turned up on his desk were that: it was a 12" when most singles were on 7" vinyl, and that he remembered Sylvia Robinson from her earlier singing work.
He didn’t think this ‘rapping’ thing would catch on.
(They also mentioned that rapping over music was pioneered by Jamaican ‘Toasters’, back in the 70’s)

Seen, mon.

also, I’ve mentioned this before, but it blows me away that she is the Sylvia of “Mickey and Sylvia” i.e. she’s the one saying “Loverboy?.. Come here, loverboy!… Baaaaaaaay-be, oh-oh baaay-be, love is strange!”[cue iconic guitar riff].

she sounds so sweet, wtf happened?

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