Brain Rot: Robert Crumb Influence


It’s a wonderful thing that Mr. Piskor’s father had such high aspirations for his son, and that his son has lived up to them.

This one got me thinking about influences… Crumb was a big influence on my dad, a pretty-good hobbyist cartoonist, who was in turn a big influence on my own more-dedicated-but-still-not-prime-time hobbyist cartooning.

Like Piskor, an initial draw was partly the sexual imagery/shock value, followed by a growing amazement at the incredible grasp/expression of form. Yes, teapots, but the little run-down urban landscapes (That gas station! Those power lines!!!) were what really did it for me.

As I got older, I found his work to be increasingly… errr… problematic, but Crumb remains my #1 All-Time stylistic influence when I pick up a pen. Great strip, here.

I love the way Piskor manages to portray his dad affectionately, while also making him a jerk.


My Dad stole an Eerie comic of mine once; found it in his porn stash.


The Complete Crumb Comics series has been coming out since you were a kid? Jeez, I feel old.

My story is the complete opposite. single mom. my elementary school was right on the campus of U of Michigan, and one day when I was hitting up the comics rack at the nearest corner store, my mom noticed a reprint of Zap #0 to positive reaction.

so, when her birthday rolled around, I bought it for her. This was when I was in the first or second grade, and she had been giving me subs to MAD for several years at that point. Lest it seem too idyllic, I’ll add that we’ve got some serious problems between us, but media and culture were never one, thank goodness.

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