Brain teaser: draw a cross inside the grid


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If the first line is “draw some dots,” the answer is always “tip it diagonal.” I didn’t even have to read the numbers!


WRONG. That’s an “x,” not a cross.

[tilts monitor 45 degrees]

OK that works.


St Andrew would beg to differ. Except he’s dead.

The population of Scotland would beg to differ.


Well duh. That’s what Scots do.


No, they just differ. They do not beg permission to do so.


Only true Scots differ.


isn’t that the flayed man sigil?


This was the first solution in my mind:

(edited to change color and add blur)


Pretty sneaky, sis.


Yup. It’s like Khan’s two-dimensional thinking thing.


There’s a point where abstraction just becomes perverse. I think you reached it.



Huh. If you didn’t include the example, I likely wouldn’t have solved it quickly (or within my patience threshold).

But since you did, I saw it nearly instantly.


Did no one watch the video to see if @Ericb is correct?


Away wi’ you!


I did, and he was, but I wish I hadn’t - it was unpleasantly macho and ladsy, full of awful “manly men” stereotypes. I thought we were beyond that.


I eventually figured out diagonals and then almost confused myself again because my first attempt, drawing a diagonal square around the five dots, left me with twelve on the outside instead of eight.

Here’s my inelegant solution. You want something radially symmetrical, it’s going to cost extra.

EDIT: to say that my drawing is not a “cross,” as specified by the instructions, is to insist on privileging your own narrow sense of cruciformality. Where is it written that a cross has to look like two lines meeting at right angles? Your precious tool of hegemonic control you call a “dictionary?”


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