Bread faces


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Dam, I need a snack.


Some of those dogs look a bit inbread.


I’ve seen worse efforts.



Oh thanks goodness! I read that as “bread faeces.”


Well at least one of them has a rye smile. Though it kneads to be spelt differently.





Cross-donor transplant surgery, scarification, piercings. This is scary, dude.


I wonder if I could use one of these faces to boost my YouTube channel reach

Fran Blanche noticed that putting a face in your video seems to make a big difference.





This reminds me of the kids in Japan who have been eating adorably complicated lunches:

Thanks @garethb2 for this one:

*(Wheat is so fraught for some of us… 20+ years ago I found my migraines/arthritis indisputably connected to my consumption of wheat. sigh)


Originally seen in 1981’s DC Super Heroes Super Healthy Cook Book :

(photos courtesy of our copy)


Wow. I read the nextshark article, and I’m feeling pretty conflicted honestly. These lunches are awesome, no doubt, but the idea of spending 10% of your waking hours to make lunch on any kind of regular basis, and then the kids getting competitive over said lunches, putting more pressure on the parent to make an even more elaborate awesome lunch. . . it sounds kind of a little pathological. Also, this workload seems pretty gendered.

It’s not like I’ve never significant time to make a meal (although in my case that’s food for 5, not 1 person), but jesus would I not want to feel pressured to do that on a regular basis



(well done :D)


Thanks. I should, of course, have noted that I was in the process of getting my coat.


It’s already in the street.


I still don’t understand little Japanese kids just digging their chopsticks right into Hello Kitty’s adorable eyes. Nyan!


That’s a bit strong. My immediate reaction was: Crumbs! (Yep - another stale pun.)


As long as you know which side your bread is buttered you carry on, we’ve all got to earn a crust somehow and I wouldn’t want to stop you if you are on a roll.