Breaking Bad creator: no more tossing pizzas on Walter's house!




Damn, now I want pizza!


I hate to be that one guy, but this is the kind of thing that isn’t even funny the first time.


well, unless you’re the person who threw the pizza, in which case it was funny. Because humor is subjective.


Now, a calzone on the roof … that’s pure comedy gold!


I tell ya, that show is full of things not to do. Pizza tossing is the least of the crimes/lessons.


Plus: calzones are easier to throw.


If I were the lady, I’d pay Raymond Cruz to wait until they pulled up to the house, then come around the side of the house and just stare at them.


I was thinking garden hose, but your idea is better


I’d be more inclined to hire Giancarlo Esposito, and fix a coat rack lined with these along the side of the house:


I wish people would throw pizza at my house!


Everything is always great until people show up.


Overcook them for rigidity with and make them boomerang shaped


“Why the bruised forehead?”
“I got a new boomerang and threw away the old one.”


Maybe easier to throw over the roof, like a football. You’re gonna get a lot of roll-backs, though, before you get the calzone to stick on the roof like that, especially with all the guts showing, like the pizza.



  • Tossing teddy bear eyes into the backyard swimming pool
  • Putting tracking devices on the owners’ cars
  • Hiring an ex-cop/private eye/fixer to bug the house
  • Sneaking in to hide tiny vials of ricin powder behind the outlet covers and/or spray paint “Heisenberg” on the living room wall
  • Burning down the local industrial laundromat


Someone could lose an eye!


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