Breaking Bad in a barrel


Are those pogs?

Definitely pogs! Yay!

Since it doesn’t come with blue crystals, I’ll share my recipe:

Ingredients: Water, blue food coloring, granulated sugar, Chinese rock sugar

  1. Mix water, blue food coloring, and granulated sugar (optional).
  2. Dunk rock sugar
  3. Let dry overnight on a plastic surface.

Voila! Blue rock crystal candy. The kids love it.

Can someone tell me what the relationship between Breaking Bad and pogs is? I’ve tried Googling, but to no avail.

Those are not actually pogs.

Yeah, they are “decision coins”, which is a different pop-culture trope than pogs. Not that this really answers the question – I have no idea what they have to do with Breaking Bad either. But there is one more episode – maybe Walt will have to duel Harvey Dent or something.

Actually they are containers that contain the disks. the coin is the thing that looks different and is the size of a coin.

A challenge coin is an armed services thing:
carry it with you at all times, as an unofficial form of ID. To ensure everybody’s in the habit of carrying it at all times, if you ask somebody to produce it, and they can’t- they have to buy a round of drinks. If war suddenly comes and you’re now behind enemy lines, you can trust people with the same challenge coin.


So Walt will redeem himself by going to a recruiter? Isn’t he a little too old and cancer-ridden for that to work?

Apron. Want.

Weirdly, BB goes on about the meth being blue because it’s so pure. But the original batch of blue speed was cooked by someone I met back in the late 80’s.

The scene: Riverside County, CA. Once the official fount of most meth labs in the US. Because, desert. Miles and miles of it.

Apparently, the other cook in this instance accidentally knocked a jar of blue toilet cleaner into the bathtub where the meth was being made. They decided to charge extra, and called it ‘Australian Blue’.
Apparently, people were convinced it was somehow better than the usual, and went nuts trying to score more of it somehow.

I rather suspect that this incident became the inspiration for the BB storyline. Because writers and Southern California and Hollywood. If you live there long enough, you WILL eventually know some of those in that either industry.

Could be useful on the bomb squad. Nothing to lose…

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