Breaking Beer: Albuquerque brewery unveils 'Breaking Bad'-themed brews


Mel Brooks voice:

Breaking Bad the hat! Breaking Bad the beer! Breaking bad the lunchbox! Breaking Bad the t-shirt! The Breaking Bad Li’l Tykes Meth Lab!

I would buy ALL OF THE THINGS.

A new Tucson beer house, Tap & Bottle, is also putting these on tap (or did they just?)

A new brewery near me, outside of Boulder, CO has a brew they’ve been calling “Walter’s White” as well.

Ahhh Breaking Bad themed ale - is that the kind they stop making for a goddam year, and then tell you it’s the same 6-pack?

Unless that pint is chock-full of N-methyl-1-phenylpropan-2-amine I am not innarested. I am not innarested at all.

No you order the complete 6 pack set on Amazon and they only send you 3.

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They should have made Bitter Call Saul.

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We have to address the elephant in the room. Why is this beer not blue?

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