Brexit already having effect - In return to Victorian-era memes, secret love child discovers paternity, inherits aristocrat's estate


So are you saying I should push my claim to the throne of Scotland?


Do you have strange prophetic dreams about the Stone of Scone? Or dreams about scones in general? Any odd encounters with groups of three old biddies? Any educational and uplifting incidents with spiders in caves?

If not, I’d say history is not on your side.

In general, I don’t think even hardened Brexiters want to go back to before the accession of the House of Hannover.

I mean obviously they’d love to ditch the Germans but it’d make things with Scotland tricky so unless there’s a massive surge towards Scottish independence, I think Her Majesty is safe. And even if Scotland did go independent, I think they would want to keep the Queen as Queen of Scotland if only for continuity.

Also you have competition:

and of course Idi Amin’s 43 (or thereabouts) children.

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