Brexit Britain plunges into poverty as bills soar

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No wayz!!! Who could have predicted this!?! /s

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If I didn’t live with my partner, rent and bills would be at least 75% of my income. I’d be no better off working than I would be claiming benefits and doing the odd low-level crime.


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And I’m one of the lucky ones. I’ve got a public sector job-for-life and defined benefit pension and it’s still scary as fuck


I’m so jealous right now…

Still, once the revolution comes I’m sure I’ll be fine around the communal bonfire, choking down bits of roasted Tory.


The concern is greater among those aged 65 and over – 81% – and those in the east of England – 80%

As I recall, these also reflect the very same demographic groups who voted in the largest numbers to Leave. It turns out that their xenophobia won’t keep them as warm as they thought it would.

I feel sorry for the sensible older people in that region who voted Remain. They didn’t ask for this.


Yes, perhaps when I used the phrase :fire: “economic self-immolation” :fire: to a couple of Brits in the lead-up to Brexit, it was somehow misunderstood along those lines… :thinking:


I don’t know if the British right-wing media is as good at isolate-and-spin as the the American sphere (though, from what I understand, we somewhat inherited ours from across the pond, or at least there’s plenty of “synergy” and common ownership) but I fear - as usual - that the true story of how Brexit is causing this will be more complex than the “alternate” explanation of “Entitlements! Immigrants! Lazy Youth!” and will lose out.

On the other hand the ridiculous (though depressingly mainstream) attempt at pinning inflation on domestic liberal policies instead of global crises didn’t 100% work in the USian midterms, so hope springs eternal…


When I still had my flat, the bedroom tax was offset with some indoor gardening. Mind you, I bet that’s proving hard these days electricity wise.


Oh, the Tories are fucked soon, but it’s gonna be strung out as long as possible, and even then we get Pink Tory Keith and his Blairite handlers holding a poisoned chalice and saying ‘WTF do we do now!?’.


Which means the right wing press will be smearing you as one of those lazy public sector employees who don’t deserve a pay rise coming anywhere near the rate of inflation (after previously saying you didn’t deserve decent pay increases because the private sector increases had been low).

A few more years of tiny pay increases will soon drag you down to poverty pay.


Right now in the UK, the right wing press barely talks about Brexit - and when it does, it will be one of the right-wing weirdoes that caused it all in the first place telling us that there will be benefits - just not yet (Jacob Rees Mogg, unaccountably a minister in two governments, even said the benefits would take fifty years to appear).

And even the BBC has been so cowed by government that it daren’t have a long, deep investigation into why the UK is suffering so much from crippling inflation, poverty, energy insecurity, sluggish growth, a weak currency and massive (and increasing) trade deficits when similar European economies are shrugging off the effects of the pandemic.


stated that, this christmas, what with the shortage of turkeys due to avian flu, the common British public should settle for roasted Swan. “It has served mine own family well for the last two centuries”.

True story, with a /s


And things are only going to get worse as more and more people age out of the work force with tenuous pensions while labor shortages become more pronounced as workers from other countries opt for greener pastures due to feeling rather unwelcome in the UK.


Oh, I know those bastards hate me; this was a well-paid job when I started, and it’s gradually reverting to minimum wage. We aren’t even allowed to strike, apparently, as even tho 90% voted to do so, is union members are only about 35% of the workforce.

Some of my esteemed colleagues are gonna be first up against that wall. I keep telling them when they whinge, ‘talk to your rep’, and they say they’re not in. Fucking morons. It costs less than 2 pints of beer a month FFS


Hard working entrepreneurs can’t even catch a break these days.


SMH in sympathy with all the UK people who didn’t vote for Brexit and still suffer the fallout…


Cookery tip/health warning - they must be boiled. Like an old farmyard fowl, they are sinewy and leathery - from years of flexing their electoral muscles - unless gently boiled for several hours. Preferably very slowly, while alive, starting in cold water (like the proverbial frog - after all, it’s what they’ve been doing to us for years).

Although, I have noticed a few pockets of ‘calling it out’ lately. Newsnight has not shied away from the topic as much as used to be the case across the Beeb in general.