Brian Posehn thinks "New Music Sucks"

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so is the point here that new music actually sucks, or that people who say new music sucks suck


I consider anything Autotuned to suck, by definition.


There’s lots of great new music and i’m lowkey annoyed when people say music these days just isn’t as good as what was made previously. For the most part i can agree but that doesn’t mean there aren’t bands or musicians out there that you haven’t discovered that are making great stuff you’d love. I love finding new things to listen to :slight_smile:

Also i love Brian Posehn, he’s a super funny dude. Love anything he’s in and his stand up is great.


All new music sucks, until it becomes old music, at which time we remember with nostalgia the 10% of the music of our youth that didn’t actually suck.


Honestly, I didn’t find this particularly funny (or musically pleasant). Just feels like there wasn’t much creativity involved. There’s no real parody or anything, just “new music sucks” over and over…


New music has always sucked.

Please remove yourselves from my greensward.


It went on way too long. I bailed before the halfway mark. But I think the intent is self-parody, and the utter futility of old people complaining to young people about their music.


  1. It kinda does. A lot of it does.

  2. Also as we age our brains don’t wanna take the time to digest something new and take the risk they like it - they want something familiar they already know they like.

  3. Lots of Nerdcore rappers he should have gotten. Like mc chris, or Mega Ran or MC Frontalot.


No, Pop music almost always sucks. There’s always good stuff on the fringes, and occasionally something good manages to get to the middle of the road.
In the mid-70s, disco sucked. But there are a few gems, (I Am Love, for instance, but don’t give me any of the ABBA crap).
Early 80’s, Joe Jackson’s Steppin’ Out, and the whole Night and Day album got to the median strip, but the masses never understood him (and he didn’t particularly want to be understood).
Rap? I’m not typically a fan, but every once in a while a track by say Everlast, Chance the Rapper, and a few others catch my ear (for me, a melody is important, which cuts out a lot of it).

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I watched it all the way through. I’ll give him some credit for a few of the costumes, but even as self-parody, I have a hard time seeing the “parody” part. To paraphrase Jim Sterling, it’s not [parody] if you’re just doing the thing.

ALL auto tuned music sucks. And there is a lot that crap out there.

Even cats can be auto tuned. Earthworms can be auto tuned.

Note: I listen to a lot of new music everyday and there is some good stuff out there.

I’m listening to some good new music right now.


New music was better before.


This wasn’t good enough to really make the point, so in a way it proved its point.


Kind of on topic:
There are two kinds of weirdos when it comes to music, hipsters that aren’t happy unless they are consistently “finding” the latest thing (usually Canadian pop bands who sound like Bowie or Velvet Underground or Roxy Music) or olds (someone my age or older) who say things like “I don’t listen to anything that came out after 1985”.

I like Posehn and am of the same generation as he but this sounds like the Disco Sucks rhetoric we used to hear back in the 80s that was mostly said by suburban white boys who hated blacks and gays.


It does suck. But then again I listen to GetOffMyLawn rock.


Remember this guy? :rofl:

Lil Yachty is truly horrible. Imagine Dragons puking endlessly into each other’s mouths.

What really hurts is my girlfriend listens to a lot of this and she knows that I hate her taste in music.

There IS good new music, but mumble rap, goddamn fucking autotune, you gotta go.

If I could invent a time machine I would throw the creator of autotune into a volcano.