Brief history of Quaaludes

Rohypnol is a funny drug. Depending on dosage and physiology, it’s effects can vary. From being pretty much lucid and aware, but blacked out (anterograde amnesia), to just knocked out on your ass unconscious, and everything in between.

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Would you describe it as a QUiet interLUDE?

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I don’t understand the significance of the caps. But without them, the statement would rather fit. No remembering of the couple hours, and brain clearer from the repeating thought patterns, easier to keep that way. A soft reset, kind of, I’d say.

The caps are because Quaalude is a double wordplay. The company that acquired the patent for it also made Maalox (bicarbonate antacids), and the word “Quaalude” is supposed to be a portmanteau of “Quiet Interlude”.


No toilet karaoke! We are trying to enjoy a quiet interlude!


Now this is an interesting euphemism for those noises!


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