Brighten and change your bulb's color from your smartphone with the SMFX smart bulb


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I was kinda hoping that under this story, the uppermost article would be this one:


You are aware that this is a Bluetooth Smart Bulb not wifi/internet device right?



I feel bad. All my light bulbs are dumb.


You are aware that talking like this makes you sound like a gaping asshole, right?

I mean, maybe you’re doing it on purpose, in which case more power to you; I just thought it was a bit extreme for correcting someone regarding a wireless communication protocol, and that possibly you weren’t aware.



This is about LIGHTING god dammit. Back to your corners. And come out PUNCHING you pedantic swine, both of you! I didn’t do five tours in Ibiza to come back and put up with this bullshit.


Why thank you for the compliment

Glad you could take time out of your busy life shilling hotels dot com to leave me a comment.


I was prepared to be insulted, but I’m mostly just confused.


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