Bring Me the Head of Charlie Brown


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I remember seeing this at the theater when it featured in one of those Spike & Mike or International Tournee Of Animation series anthologies that toured annually in the late-80s/early-90s. So much greatness came out of those.


I’m glad Zelda ended up with her man.


No mention of Weapon Brown?


I suppose while we’re going there, we need:


Beat me to it…


Hahahah oh man that was so good! Spoiler: He goes pretty Taxi Driver there for a few, eh? Hahaha!!!


I regret that I have only 1 like to give for this. Oh the humanity!


Mr Schultz was rather generous with his compliments.



The Linus bit had me laughing.
I admit it.


Its been years since I last saw this. Very nice. A parody cartoon long before they became so common that parodys became kinda stale.


Apocryphal or not, I choose to believe that it’s true, because it should be.


Funny. I remember coming across this after seeing the movie. Which I thoroughly enjoyed- because love it or hate it, it’s just so quintessentially Peckinpah-ian; also has national treasure Warren Oates.

This reminds me there are still a few Peckinpah movies I still need to see!


Am I alone in wanting a thread about “The head of Charlie Brown on a Christmas Tree”?

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