Watch the ultraviolent Peanuts parody, "Bring Me The Head of Charlie Brown"

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Watch the ultraviolent

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One of Warren Oates’ finest.




It is a terrible thing to take beloved kids’ shows and toys and adult them.

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I remember someone back in the early 90’s made a Chick Comics-style chapbook where Charlie Brown is actually Satan. I may have a copy of it still with my other old zines in storage. I think it came from this place in Colorado called “Dyslexic” that also made some other pretty weird zines.

That was a pretty good parody. Very strong underground vibes. I wish the quality was better so we could see the line work. I liked the cameos as well, and the yell which I remember from Tom and Jerry, but is probably a canned yell from some earlier film.



“You’re going to make me come out and say it? Ok fine. Mark, we need your knot tying skills. Daddy can’t get off unless he’s tied up like a bad boy.”

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Meh, that itself is fine with me, and often fun or otherwise worthwhile.

I just have no taste for ultraviolence. I used to put up with it in entertainment, but now that I avoid it as often as possible, I’ve become less desensitized to it. That change in me seems to me like a healthy change.

I think it’s a perversity that depicting ultraviolence is usually considered just fine, but depictions of sex (consensual of course) are often not. YMMV, of course.


The brilliance of the originals seem defiled to me. I do agree with your observations of sex vs violence, and I don’t care for sexualized children’s material either.

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The voice for Charlie just makes me think of Tommy Wiseau.

Third time’s the charm, I guess. A frequent topic.


The creator asks not to be sued over this, but I wonder what ever happened? Are there serious copyright issues going on here, or is this fair use, or does that fact that this is a parody keep the IP lawyers at bay?

It is parody and a student film. So it has protection in that regard. And it wasn’t widely distributed for money.

But also, as they guy said, he has no money. So the best they could hope for was a cease and desist.

Though I am squarely in the camp of allowing parody of corporate owned IP.

Here’s another classic:


Apocalypse Now!__Copyright violations__400x200


I do love the fact the narrator is Rich Moore the director of Zootopia.

For a full circle of of fandom weirdness I have footage of a 1988 furry party where the furs are watching Bring Me the Head of Charlie Brown at 1988 Loscon.


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