"Bring Me the Head of Charlie Brown," animated Peanuts spoof by Simpsons director Jim Reardon


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Because gun violence is hilarious.


What about dropping pianos on people’s heads? Exploding footballs? Strangulation? What about the orgy of violence with all your classic funny characters? Are you going to condemn the entire satirical cartoon or just part with Chuck shooting? I found this to be a very well done animated comment on violence in the media which didn’t hurt my sensibilities in the least.




And this is why the success of Youtube surprised me a decade ago: everything looked like 240p potato footage viewed through murky cataracts. If only classics like this could be easily re-uploaded or somehow improved…


I came just to post this same thing. @pesco here’s a tip. There’s a search function, maybe use it? A quick search for Reardon would have shown you @frauenfelder posted this in January.


It’s also a spoof/tribute to Peckinpah’s “Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia,” so anyone who has a problem with stylised gun violence might want to start with that cult film.



…and Taxi Driver, and The Wild Bunch



Dutch Schultz was a 1930s-era gangster in New York City fyi…

Charles M. “Sparky” Schultz was the creator of Peanuts.

This might have been an intentional joke on the part of the creator of the parody.


Well, it’s a “pencil test” which never made it to full cel animation, so I don’t know how much it could be improved. I’ve seen it on the big screen, and it’s just about as rough as you see here.


It’s the video compression and lo-fidelity 240p I’m pointing out, not the original (and brilliant) pencil sketchings.



Oh yeah, for sure. That film has always been a ‘gray market’ item for obvious reasons (which was why Rearden never bothered to fully produce it, knowing it was unmarketable). When I worked for the Festival of Animation, we had a print, and we’d show it for the midnight show, but we’d NEVER put it on the program or advertisements.


Respectfully, I think you missed the point. This isn’t supposed to be light-hearted fun. It’s biting cultural satire.


I swear I’d seen it long ago… Probably at Spike and Mike’s sick and twisted animation festival decades ago.



It was misspelled in the Wikipedia article that was quoted here. Reardon got it right, however.


man, now i want a gif of snoopy being shot down from his doghouse.


& your point is?


That was the first thing I though of— Mcbain.

But nothing jumps out at me.

I’m not enough of a fan to remember the titles, though.